24K Gold Facial Ritual 1 hour €125

24K Gold Facial Ritual

Achieve the Ultimate Radiant Glow

24K gold facial is a luxurious skincare treatment that has  been around for thousands of years and has recently regained popularity. Some of the benefits of 24K gold facial include:


    • Anti-aging effects: Gold has antioxidant properties that can help to fight free radicals, which are a major contributor to skin aging. Gold facial can also stimulate collagen production, leading to firmer and more youthful-looking skin.


    • Brightening and Radiance: The gold particles in the facial can help to reflect light, giving the skin a radiant and luminous appearance.


    • Increased circulation: The massaging action of the facial, combined with the conductive properties of gold, can help to improve blood flow and oxygenation to the skin, leading to a healthy and vibrant complexion.


    • Improved skin texture: Gold facial can help to remove dead skin cells, leaving the skin smoother and softer.


    • Relaxation and stress relief: The facial treatment can be a relaxing and indulgent experience, helping to reduce stress and promote a sense of well-being.


Overall, 24K gold facial is a luxurious treatment that offers numerous benefits for the skin. It can help to improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, promote a brighter and more even complexion, and provide a relaxing and rejuvenating experience.

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What is the 24K Luxury Gold Facial Ritual?

  • Get the VIP treatment with this sumptuous experience you will be bound to remember for years to come. Relax and let our experts take care of you and enhance the natural beauty of your skin using the bountiful benefits of a 24k gold treatment.
  • Each treatment is created in consultation with you and according to your individual skin type and personal requirements. You will be able to unwind as this facial improves the appearance of your skin, leaving you with a youthful glow.
  • The epitome of luxury skincare, our 24k gold facial will help to stimulate the production of collagen, giving your face a noticeably firmer and smoother appearance.
  • It also assists with promoting a more even skin tone, reducing the blemishes and variations in pigment that many people use makeup products to cover each day.
  • Over time, the Super Luxury 24k Gold Facial will build the elasticity of your skin and encourage it to retain more moisture.
  • You can expect this treatment to stimulate cell regeneration and reduce fine lines and wrinkles for younger-looking skin. In addition, it will help to improve your circulation and detoxify your skin.
  • Look – and feel – your best with our Super Luxury 24k Gold Facial.
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