About Us


Phoenix Wellness Studio is a new concept in massage therapy for all genders, utilising Ashiatsu by walking along the patients back finding knots and painful areas that need treatment.

Our specialized staff use the heels of their feet to relieve the pains of day to day living & stress. Further treatments available are the standard Sports Massage, Deep Tissue, Tibetan Head Massage and Reflexology.

We make you feel remarkably better after just 60 minutes of treatment. We provide an initial consultation to allow you to get the perfect treatment you require. You may have back pain, sore legs, day to day stress or a just simply want to relax, we have a massage for everything.


Nuad Thai is now part of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity, which features traditions and practices passed across the generations.

By being part of the list, Thai massage has been recognised as something to be preserved for future generations.